Emirates Simulation Academy

Education and Training Case Study

As part of an initiative to engage its citizens in the development and maintenance of critical infrastructure, in this case power and energy, The United Arab Emirates, entrusted the founding of the Emirates Simulation Academy to the President of TriLink Systems,* Hal Paris. Mr. Paris was responsible for developing the curriculum and courseware as well as securing operational funding.

In support of that effort, Bridgeborn developed and deployed an online Training Delivery Platform (TDP). The TDP consists of a Learning/Content Management system complete with student tracking, grading, and content delivery. Interactive, 3D training tools were developed for system level (i.e. gas turbine) and component level (i.e. valves, pumps) visualizations. The TDP also integrated with high fidelity simulations and represented them through an interactive, 3D user interface. The overarching framework allows for extensibility to include additional content, new systems, integration with other simulators and reuse in 70+ languages.

*Trilink Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bridgeborn, Inc.