PEO Ships

Business Intel Case Study

The US Navy is responsible for managing ship alterations while vessels are in dry-dock. The lack of consistent data collection and adequate tools for plannning, reporting and scheduling, exacerbated the challenges inherent in this process, and resulted in limited visibility into, and understanding of, the existing conditions and configuration of shipboard spaces.

Bridgeborn developed a Ship Logistics System to support Mission Readiness by creating a secure web-based platform where critical shipalt data can be easily added, updated, accessed and shared. Using web services and Bridgeworks™ visualization technology, the system supports the clients’ need for disparate groups to manage, track and schedule ship alterations. The 3D ship environment provides a familiar and intuitive environment to query databases and display the selected hull and effected compartments through an intuitive 3D view. These reports can be easily understood at-a-glance and include advanced drill down functionality for viewing specified compartments in current view, preview and proposed changes.

The result was a web-based ship alteration and configuration control toolset that improved mission readiness, mitigated risk; reduced alteration costs; saved time and enabled the client to capitalize on opportunities by providing a better, more effective system for handling ship check data.

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